Binary's Bots - One bot for one task!

Binary's Bots is a collection of Discord bots built fro mthe ground up to be simple, functional, user-friendly and independent. One bot for one task. I personally don't like having one big bot with a ton of "bloatware" with functionality you dont want, which is why I am making Binary's Bots, where each bot is built to do one task and one task only.

Pick your Bot

Invite whichever of the bots you need depending on their functionality.

Messenger Bot

A discord bot that sends the same message to many people with one command


A simple Discord Bot for welcoming new users to your server.


A simple Discord Bot for counting in your server.
1... 2... 3...

Support the development

Hosting Discord bots isn't free. Gotta host the bots through a hosting company, and a loooot of free time for the development :) - So if you enjoy the bots and find them helpful, even the smallest amount means a ton, and keeps filling up my mug of tea so I can keep coding!

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If you require any support or have questions about a bot feel free to join the support server!

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