Binary's Bots - One bot for one task!

Binary's Bots are built from the ground up to be simple, functional, user-friendly and independent. One bot, for one task. No longer do you need to have a big bot with a ton of "bloatware" with functionality you didn't want. Binary's Bots are each built to each do one thing and one thing only at a time. Pick and choose the bots with the functionality that you need.

Key Features:

Binary's Bots is designed to simplify your Discord experience. No more "bloatware", no more relying on a single thing to do everything for you. Go modular.

Ready to begin?

Invite whichever of the bots that you need depending on their functionality.

Messenger Bot

A discord bot that sends the same message to many people with one command


A simple Discord Bot for welcoming new users to your server.

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If you require any help, support or have questions about the bot feel free to join the support server!

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